Here are 3 tips to help budding aviators maximize their training value when using a flight simulator to hone their flying skills:

1) Treat the Flight Simulator like a REAL Aircraft

Do not do things in a flight simulator that you would not do in a real aircraft. For example, go-around if you are not stabilized by 300ft when attempting to land VFR. Don’t try to weave your aircraft left and right at low altitudes!

2) Use REAL-World Weather

Weather can be very unpredictable. And it is one of the most important factors in a go-no-go decision you need to consider. So the next time you start up the flight simulator, obtain real-world weather in your area and program the same weather conditions in your flight simulator. Then make a go-no-go decision as you would in a real aircraft!

3) Use REAL-World Communications

A new service called PilotEdge allows flight simulator users to utilize their real-world Air Traffic Control service and train under simulated ATC conditions for a modest monthly fee. When you connect to this service, you will need to contact ATC using real-world frequencies and proper aviation phraseology. Works for both IFR and VFR flights. offers realistic flight training in our full-motion Redbird MCX flight simulator. Book online for a flight simulator training session with us!