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FlightSchool.sg was established by a group of experienced private aviators after realising that there was a huge interest in private aviation – but the cost and timeframe required to obtain a Private Pilot License were prohibitive for many. While there are readily available options for the budding aviator: one can join a Singapore-based flying club (Seletar Flying Club & Singapore Flying Club) or even take a 45 min drive across the causeway via the 2nd link to a flying club based in Senai, Malaysia – be prepared to spend up to one year (based on once a week time commitment) before you are competent enough to take your Private Pilot check ride.

Furthermore, what you need to be aware of is that after your obtain your Private Pilot License you are only legally allowed to fly an aircraft that is registered with the same authority that granted your Private Pilot License. For example, if you earn your Private Pilot License through a Singapore flying club, you can only fly a Singapore registered aircraft (i.e. aircraft registration starting with 9V registered with the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore). Similarly, if you earn your Private Pilot License in Malaysia, you are only authorised to fly a Malaysia registered aircraft (i.e. aircraft registration starting with 9M registered with Department of Civil Aviation of Malaysia).

To this end, our ground and flight preparation training program is geared towards helping you obtain an FAA (USA) Private Pilot License.


Is flying a dream of yours? You will learn the mechanics, theory and rules of flight, weather, navigation and much more. Send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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