Thanks to the AOPA (Airplane Owners & Pilots Association), the FAA is allowing more flight sim time for instrument training in an Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD) like the Redbird MCX Full-Motion Flight Simulator.

In addition, the FAA has removed the need to wear a view-limiting device when undergoing instrument flight training in an AATD.

The updated FAA regulations relating to these two positive changes can be referenced here:

Based on the update FAA regulations, use of our Redbird MCX Full-Motion Flight Simulator is approved and authorized for use in accomplishing certain required tasks, maneuvers, or procedures as applicable under 14 CFR parts 61 and 141 as follows:

• Logging instrument flight experience,
• Instrument rating (maximum 20 hours) for Part 61,
• Instrument rating (not to exceed 40% of the total flight training hour requirements for an instrument rating) for Part 141,
• Instrument rating practical test (per FAA-S-8081-4 (circling-to-land not authorized)),
• Instrument proficiency check (per FAA-S-8081-4 (circling-to-land not authorized)),
• Private pilot certificate (maximum 2.5 hours),
• Commercial pilot certificate (maximum 50 hours),
• Commercial pilot practical test (per FAA-S-8081-12),
• Airline transport pilot certificate (maximum 25 hours),
• Airline transport pilot practical test (per FAA-S-8081-5),and
• Part 141 as limited by the applicable appendices, or under a special curriculum approved under part 141, § 141.57.